If encountering Vampires or Werewolves,Tony Secord and Lara Croft is also prepared to combat them wherever they maybe.This is a list of weapons and equipment used by Secord in case Vampires or Werewolves are involved.

Silver StakesEdit

Silver Stake

Silver Stake

Weapon Name:Silver Stake

Type Weapon:Close Quarters Melee Weapon

Used On:Vampires,Zombified Vampires,Werewolves (Possibly)

The Stake is a close quarters stabbing weapon used to kill vampires and other creatures vulnerable to silver.The weapon is used to stab into a vampire's heart and once stabbed with this,A Vampire will turn to ash.

Holy WaterEdit

Holy Water

Holy Water

Weapon Name:Holy Water

Type Weapon:Throwing or Dousing Weapon

Used On:Vampires,Zombified Vampires,Werewolves (Possibly)

Holy Water is known to be a very reliable tool against a vampire due to them blistering if exposed or if doused with enough it can kill them and the same thing goes for Zombified Vampires and possibly Werewolves.

Silver AmmunitionEdit

Silver Hollowpoints

Silver Ammunition

Weapon Name:
Silver Ammunition

Type Weapon:Short or Long Ranged Projectile

Used On:Vampires,Werewolves,Zombified Vampires

The silver bullets that are made and used by many monster hunters come in many sizes and variants.Some use the hollowpoint filled with garlic,Holy Water or have created explosive rounds using a concentrated burst of Ultraviolet Light to kill vampires,Zombified Vampires and of course,Werewolves.They are also made into multiple and various calibers that are available to the general public.The silver ammunition can be fired from any kind of gun.

Holy CrossEdit

Gold Cross

Cross on a chain

Weapon Name:
Holy Cross

Type Weapon:Close Range Weapon

Used On:Vampires,Zombified Vampires

The Holy Cross is a sacred item and is used as a weapon against Vampires and Zombified Vampires which will make an imprint burned upon the dead's skin and will either stay there or go away with time.Tony Secord wears a gold cross on a small chain due to his catholic faith and to defend himself against the undead.

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