Alister Fletcher

Alister Fletcher

Alister Fletcher is the research assistant of Lara Croft and a repository for a fantastic array of detailed historical information. He confines his researches to libraries and museums, however, concentrating on understanding and explaining what has already been found, as opposed to Lara's search for new artifacts. He's a 15th-year doctoral student at Oxford and hasn't received his doctorate because his belief that everything is connected to everything else makes it impossible for him to draw the boundaries required to finish his dissertation.

Death and ResurrectionEdit

When searching for Mjolnir,Lara's mansion was attacked and burned by her Doppelganger,The same one sent to kill her by Jacqueline Natla sometime earlier.The Doppelganger shot Alister and he didn't die until Lara brought him outside.5 Years after Alister's death,Archaeologist Tony Secord enlisted Lara's help after arriving at Croft Manor to find The Orb of the Divine.When they found the orb,Lara and Tony married and after their honeymoon,Secord took a sample of Alister's blood and cloned him.

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